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Re: I have a rash - is it Lyme Disease?

Hi Shimz.

When I replied to your post, it was worded differently. Thats why I asked those questions.

First, welcome. There's a lot of good info and people here.

Second, what you describe sounds very much like my rash.

I developed a red, oval, rash on my right shin - maybe 6 inches long & 4 inches wide.

It itched like crazy and drove me mad with the scratching! It was bumpy, but it wasn't poison ivy. When I scratched it, sometimes it would get little scabs, like a chicken pox scab. If I picked or scratched the scab, it would not bleed - it just kind of flacked off.

It would go away but even then I could still just make out the redish oval.

Then it would come back and the itching would start again! I swear I tried every itch cream and thing out there. Once, in a fit desperation, I scratched it till it bled, then I poured rubbing alcohol on it. ouch!

I am a single mom who had just bought her first home and I had a job where I had to travel sometimes. It was "just a rash" so it was easy for me to dismiss it and not do anything about it.

Finally, I saw a few doctors about my rash and I was told it was dry skin.

Well, it turned out to be Lyme disease. Oh, these doctors can be so closed minded!

I spent months trying to figure out what was wrong with me - going from one doctor to another. Finally after 9 months of tests, doctors and getting worse, I found an LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) who tested my blood at a reputable lab and I got my diagnosis.

Please take a picture of it, put a coin or a pencil near it for scale. That will help if it goes away again.

Please be smarter than I was and see a doctor and get tested for Lyme.

If you tell us where you live, maybe we can recommend a good doctor.

Even if you don't have Lyme, it'll be good just to rule it out.

Try not to worry and enjoy your Sunday.