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Re: Cardio and Weights together?

Alright, good info. Here's my personal recommendation for you.
1. Avoid higher GI foods like cereal or muffins for breakfast and try to add a little more protein. Maybe oatmeal and an egg, or an egg white omelette or if you really like cereal, Kashi is a much higher fiber and higher protein option.
2. You need to have some unsaturated fats in your diet. Not only is it important for health, but it will help your body to burn its own fat stores. You don't need a lot, but including some walnuts or almonds as snacks, some flax oil in your protein shake, a little olive oil on your salad, flax meal in your oatmeal, or olives with your meats, salmon instead of cold cuts; just one or two of these a day should help get in what you need. If you're cutting, at least 20% of your daily calories should be from fats (mostly unsaturated). Just make sure that if you add some fats, you take calories away from somewhere else in your diet (ideally carbohydrates).
3. Microwave meals might bo okay on the calorie front, but it's low quality food with a lot of preservatives. I know you're probably a busy person, but if you can, precook a few meals maybe on like Sunday night and just freeze them yourself for lunch during the week. Chicken, rice, beans, veggies, whole wheat pasta etc. all freeze fine (or even just refrigerate if you're going to eat it within the week). Then you have a lot more control over the nutrient content and quality of your meal there. The same applies to cold cuts. Yeah, they're technically meat and okay as a snack or in a bind, but it is very low quality meat (low quality protein). With all the processing, fillers and sodium, using real meats will make a significant difference.
4. I don't know what time your dinner is, but you shouldn't have more than 3 hours between meals. If you eat dinner around 6 pm, you're in good sape, but if it's later than that, you should have at least a little snack like jerkey or nuts to keep from losing any lean muscle and to keep the nutrients plentiful.
5. Salads are *fantastic* for meals. I try to have a salad every day, but if you can, 3x a week with a lean meat and lots of colorful veggies will give you a low cal, high fiber, nutrient dense meal that will burn slowly, keep blood sugar from spiking, and assist the body in burning fat. Just keep dinners limited lean meat, veggies and minimal high GI carbohydrates. Sounds like you have that part down.
6. You should take a look at HIIT for cardio. Adding an HIIT session twice a week may make a huge difference. It's a short but intense session that really schocks your body and is fantastic for fat burning. If possible, try doing cardio in the morning before breakfast - just keep it under an hour and you're at minimal risk of losing muscle. If that timing won't work, at least do your cardio on an empty stomach (2 to 3 hours after a meal).
7. If you are *consistently* eating that low calorie, you really should have one cheat meal a week. The occasional high calorie day keeps your thyroid from getting sluggish and keeps metabolism up. Doesn't have to be garbage, but it can be if you want to feed a craving.
8. I would also concentrate on building muscle. You are at a fairly low weight for your height and you need to think about maintaining a healthy weight if you want to be leaner. Nothing burns fat like muscle, so it will help you all around. Make sure your weight training is really working for you and consider including a post workout shake with whey and simple sugars.

Thats about all I can think of at the moment. They're just small things that I think will make a big difference for you. Hope that helps.
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