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Unhappy He says nothings wrong

Have a wonderful boyfriend, well until a few days ago. He has always been real sweet, and loving. We've been together for a few months, and all of the sudden, he has been acting real distant. I mean real distant. He works late sometimes, I understand that part. So I look forward to spenging time with him at night and on the weekends. Here over the past week or so, our time has been less and less. He used to call every morning to make sure to tell me that he loved me and to have a good day. He hasn't done it all week. He has somewhat of an attitude in his voice. He was supposed to come to my apartment to spend the night with me, he didn't show up. And didnt call this morning. I had a minor dental surgery yesterday morning, and he didn't call to make sure I was alright. Then didn't show up last night.

I've asked him what was wrong, and he swears nothing. I really don't see why he all of the sudden is acting like this. He's told me that he's not used to a woman being so sweet, and interested in what he wants for a change. Why would that make someone so distant? If thats even it.

He's been real secerative (spelling) lately too. Any advice? I don't want to push him to tell me whats going on, although I have told him it wasn't fair to me or my 2 kids (that have grown very attatched to him)...

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