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Re: He says nothings wrong

He was supposed to come to my apartment to spend the night with me, he didn't show up. And didnt call this morning.
There is NO excuse (outside of an emergency) for someone to tell their gf/bf they are coming over, and then stand them up and not even call. No excuse. Someone who cares about you is not going to be that disrespectful and careless of your feelings.

Either he met someone else, already had a girlfriend or wife before he met you, or is going out and being up to no good, getting wasted. And even if none of these things are it, even if he just stayed at home watching TV, that almost makes it worse. He knew you were waiting for him and he just did not care.

Don't clutch on to this one. Don't waste time trying to analyze his behavior. Who cares why he stood you up? The fact is that he did, and you are not a priority in his life. You deserve better than that, so time to hand out his walking papers.
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