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Im on fentanyl patch-WORKS

oh wow, to me the difference is like night and day. whether it stops or continues working (like all other meds do after a time, for me at least) is something i'll have to watch and see. i was on so many lortabs and soma, i hated taking those pills, but it was the only thing that worked, after going thru years of trial and error combinations.
When it finally stopped working, my internist gave me a script for the fentanyl patches. its only the 25 mcg level, but it is working great for me. i also get a limited amt of lortab and soma to use for breakthru pain. ive gone from having to take 8-10 lortabs a day (mostly cause i dont sleep at night due to pain, and pain doesnt stop at 10 PM at night) to taking maybe 3 a day now. what a difference this has made in my life. i am not kidding, when i say i cried, joyous tears, because it seems like night and day difference to me. i am looking at joining a swimming exercise class now, me lol, ME... i dont even feel groggy or drowsy like i did with the pills! my head/mind is clear, i feel HUMAN again lol. oh i havent stopped giving thanks go the LORD that my doc felt it was time to go on to patches. i fought against them for a year and a half. i didnt want to go to something more potent because it made me feel like a failure, dont ask me why, i just knew that it would . so i fought against it. ohhh wow, that was a huge mistake, i dont feel like a failure at all. ive gone out to a movie with hubby, hadnt done that in so long. i have gone out to dinner with him too. i feel like i was given my life back. im not saying theyre perfect. with fibro you still get those other sypmtoms, fatigue being one pretty bad one with me. and the chills, and sickly feeling that goes with it, but painwise, this feels like a miracle to me. im not even going to think they might stop working or that the pain management doc im going to see next month will take me off them for whatever reason. im going to think positive, and for once, enjoy the days and nights with hubby.

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