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Girlfriend under stress or pregnant?

First off, i'd like to state that i am male. I've been with my girlfriend for a little over a year now, and something that has come up recently has started to worry me. I've checked all around the internet for information, however i'd like to get some personal opinions from women here that have been through a pregnancy.

First, some background information. My girlfriend is a year younger than me, and has been on birth control (cryselle) for a little under a year. She just recently moved to college (mine), and classes started today. Now for the questionable statuses...

1. She hasn't been getting any of the pre-period symptoms she usually gets. About a week before she begins to bleed, she usually hits major mood swings and gets slight cramps.

2. She starts her green pills (or the "placebos" of the birth control packet, or so i've been told) on thursday, while she usually starts bleeding early saturday morning.

3. For the past 2 nights, she's had unexplained MAJOR stomach pains and nauseua (sp?). Tonight, along with the stomach oddities, she had a major headache. She says that these pains are so severe that it hurts to breathe, and only feels better if she lays down and "curls into a ball". Even then she still says that it hurts like a B. However, she hasn't vomited.

4. Before 2 nights ago, she hasn't said anything about these oddities. Also, in the past 2 nights, these symptoms have set in fairly quickly. She was feeling fine at one point, but then 5 minutes later the pain/nauseua was in full swing. These things also carry over until the morning, maybe until about 1.5 hours after she wakes up.

So, the odd activities with her stomach/head combined with the "no pre-period symptoms" have me more than a little paranoid. Her diet hasn't changed that much since she's been at college, so i (being the awesome doctor that i am ) have ruled out her eating something to screw up her digestion. The last time we had sex was probably a little over a week ago, which was..... um..... 3 weeks into her cycle, i think, if i'm counting that correctly.

Could it just be the stress of the new surroundings/classes? Would the symptoms (i've learned that "morning sickness" can actually happen any time of the day) set on that fast, within a matter of 5-10 minutes? Would they be that severe? Am i just a paranoid guy?

I appreciate any input or experiences. Thanx in advance.

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