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Re: Girlfriend under stress or pregnant?

No, the symptoms would not set on within a matter of 5-10 minutes. It could be her lack of PMS is due to the stress of moving to college. There's so much going on, she might not have time to really have mood swings. Plus, her stomach ache sounds like something else, like a flu bug or something. Could be something she ate, it could even be more severe, like appendicitis (sp?), which usually sets on really fast and requires medical attention. Or maybe she's having more severe PMS cramps because of the stress. Either way, Ii her stomach aches continue through the week, I'd advise her to go see a school nurse. Some of the other pregnancy symptoms usually experienced early are sore breasts (also a sign of PMS though) and being really, really tired. If she starts her green pills tomorrow, just wait to see if she has her period. If she doesn't have it within the next week, then she could take a pregnancy test. I wouldn't worry about it until then. It's good that you're a concerned boyfriend, though. Of course it's common to be worried when someone you care about is sick. I'd say at this point the stomach is probably due to something else other than pregnancy. Good luck to you.