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Re: Girlfriend under stress or pregnant?

Thanx for the prompt reply minnesotagirl .

The only concerns i have regarding the stomach pain is the timing of them. It doesn't bother her throughout the day, and has only set it around 10/11 pm the last 2 days. If it were something serious like a problem w/ an organ, wouldn't it be sort of a continuous pain, or triggered by something similar for the past 2 nights? About the "they could be cramps", my girl seems to think they aren't cramps. She says the pain is in her stomach, instead of normally in her "lower area" (her words, not mine).

I AM very happy to hear that the morning sickness effects wouldn't set in that quickly. I'm assuming it'd be sort of a gradual descent into pain/neasuia (i gotta learn how to spell that) everytime those symptoms would set in, instead of being a "5-minute initialization" episode. It's also true that stress could be postponing the usual pre-menstral signs, so thanx for clearing that up.

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