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Re: Pregnancy and Chiropractic

I noticed mine hasn't adjust the very lower back and hip areas. I don't know why though - maybe mine was just being overly cautious.

If you trust your chiropractor and she has worked with other pregnant women, I am sure you are fine. You might want to ask her what to expect now that you are pregnant - like what is off limits when it comes to your adjustments, etc. Also ask her how she will adjust you once you have a belly.

Just ask your chiropractor what are the do's and dont's when being adjusted and see what she tells you. If she were to say, "Oh....nothing is off limits...I can continue to do all the same things...." then I would be weary. I asked my massage therapist this question and she told me that the feet and ankles were off limits. I never asked my chiropractor b/c I feel very safe with him. Plus, he has done wonders for my back. Good luck!