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Re: need encouragement, getting first lap!

I had a lap done in June. We had been TTC for about a year when we set it up as they were seeing something suspicious on my u/s, but couldn't determine what it was. Turns out I had a severly blocked fallopian tube due to a ruptured ovarian cyst. It was so damaged they ended up removing it. In and of itself, I didn't have many problems w/the lap. I didn't have the shoulder pain many complain of. Just alot of bloating for 2-3 weeks. The only incision that was real sore after the 1st couple days was the one they went through to remove my tube b/c they did alot of extra tugging and work there. I too am glad I had it done as we could have wasted alot of time and expense on various other treatments. We're still dealing with a bit of MF, but everything else w/me tests out ok. Keep us posted on your decision and best of luck!