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Should I feel stupid knowing that my gf has slept with more ppl than i have?

I have been with my gf for a year and 3 months and before that had wanted to be with her for about 2. I am 19 and she is the second girl I have had sex with. She is 18 and I am the third boy she has had sex with. She has had many more relationships too, although she was only sexual with 2 guys and myself, whereas I have been sexual (excluding sex) with 4 or 5. Since I love her I know this shouldn't matter, but it is something on my mind...I feel like I should be more experienced than she is, or that maybe the fact that I've been with so few girls will tempt me now that I'm about to start college and be surrounded by so many girls. I know this won't happen unless I want it to though, since I love my gf a lot, but I'm worried the temptation will be there. How should I look at this situation or feel about it? My gf is a very good girl, she is not slutty at all, but for some reason the fact that she has been with more partners bothers me.

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