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In tears....what do I do?

Hi there:

I've posted on this board a few times. I don't have an actual fm diagnosis as of yet. I posted before with all of my symptoms and all of the tests I have had done in the last few months. I am in so much pain--I just don't know what to do anymore. How do I know that the doctors aren't missing something serious? This is what is hardest for me---believing that they haven't missed something important.
Just to recap real quick, my symptoms are:
Spacey/disconnected/unreal feeling in my head--like im walking around in a dream all of the time
Brain fog
Extreme hair loss
Extreme fatigue
Pain everywhere---but mainly in my upper back/shoulder/neck area, and my low back/hips/butt/legs--my lower pains are SEVERE at night, but when I get up in the morning and get going the pain lessens
Chronic sinus infections
Constant breast/pelvic pain
Sweat alot, occasional night sweats

Those are my main symptoms, and the tests I've had done are:
MRI--brain, pituitary gland, lumbar spine--all with and without contrast
CT Scan--abdomen, pelvis--with and without contrast
PET/CT Scan--head down to mid thigh
Pulmonary tests
Blood tests galore
Pelvic ultrasound

The only things that have shown up are a past EBV infection I had--but I didn't know it, and I had an xray of my hips that showed mild DDD--but the doc said that shouldnt be causing me pain.
I'm being seen at the Mayo Clinic, but they are just about at the end of their rope as well. I just don't know how to believe that there is nothing seriously wrong with me when I am in so much pain and feel miserable everyday, and hurt so much at night.

Sorry, I know I've written a lot of this before, I just dont know what to do. Just be in pain and take narcotics all of the time? Right now I only take 2 at night to help me get through the night. I'm just in tears

Thanks for any thoughts,

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