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Re: In tears....what do I do?


I'm kind of new to this board and have not been diagnosed yet either but I had a wonderful appt w/ my general M.D. last week. I went armed with tons of info I got off the web plus lots of great info from this site. I basically just told him, I think I have Fibro and lets look into it. I made him listen to me for a 1/2 hours with no interruptions as to exactly how I felt and why I felt I had Fibro.

Luckily, he was totally hip on Fibro and even got out his big black medical book and we sat there and compared notes. He was impressed that I had so much info already. He tested my trigger points and man was that painful! He scheduled me for a fasting blood test today but I screwed up so I have to reschedule. (can't eat for 12-15 hours and I'm a wuss when it comes to not eating)

Basically what I'm trying to say is, what's up with the docs you are seeing? I have all of your same symptoms plus some other odd ones and I've only been to one doctor. I think you just aren't finding someone who knows what the heck Fibro is.

Not getting off the subject but for example, this reminds me of when I went to so many podiatrists and orthopedists just so somebody could treat my heal spur. It took two years of excrutiating pain and misery until I walked into the last Dr.s office and basically told him he better do surgery or else! Yes, I had an attitude but at that point, how could I not? He immediately agreed and I'm now back to my old self as far as my feet go. Nobody else would even listen to me about having foot surgery. They just kept playing around with meds,cortisone shots, shoe inserts, splints and exercises which never worked. They dismissed anything I had to say which is highly upsetting and belittling. You're going through that whole ordeal now.

You just need to get a little bit of an attitude and take control of what you think in your heart is wrong with you. If it's Fibro, then say it loud and clear. If they don't want to go that route, then move on immediately to the next one until you get help.

Good luck!