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Unhappy aneurysm/bad headaches

Well i've been going threw so much medical problems. I get this horrible pain in teh back left of my head/upper neck. Its hoorible pain. I also get this pressure behind my left eye, and feel like my heads in a vice grip. I'm scared maybe i have an aneurysm or something. But wouldn't that show up on mris and cat scans?....I've been to 15 specialist. And so far they haven't figured out what i have. I've had 3 mris, and 2 cts of the head. So hopefully im just being a worry wort and it isn't a aneurysm. Ive had all these symptoms for over a year now. And i've been out of work and school. These pains scare me. I only have gotten the rear head/upper neck pain twice. It feels like a pull, then it feels really weak and hurts soo bad. I'm also heavily fatigued. I've tried i think 4 different types of headaches medication. I know for sure one was topomax, another was depicote *two different mg's*, i tried migranle, and there were some more. Any help would be graciously appreciated. I also notice the more i sleep...the worse i feel. Like im so tired, i'll go to bed, but its soo hard to get up. I feel like im dying. Everything aches im extremely dizzy, massive headache/pressure. I feel like im in lala land. But as the day progress's i usually feel alittle better. No where near 100% tho. I go from like 20%-40%.

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