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Smile Re: aneurysm/bad headaches

If you've had that many scans done and nothing has shown up yet, then i think it's a pretty good bet that nothing is growing in there!

There is a HUGE variety of headaches, and just as much variety for what causes them. The pain behind your eye that you mentioned sounds like it could be sinus related. The pain in the back of your head/neck area can be from stress, or sitting. Do you work at a desk, or spend alot of time in a chair? The pressure from sitting for a long period of time may be hitting a nerve and triggering your headache. Hunger also causes headaches, depression, fatigue, allerigies, sleep deprivation... the list goes on.

I also went through MRIs because of these constant headaches I was having where it literally felt as if I had a clamp on my braing. Turns out I had a food allergy (gluten intolerance/celiac disease) and that was one of my side effects.

I hope you figure out the cause and get better!