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Re: Cardio and Weights together?

Sku, you're probably doing too much cardio. [removed]

Another poster wrote the following: "you shouldn't have more than 3 hours between meals. If you eat dinner around 6 pm, you're in good sape, but if it's later than that, you should have at least a little snack like jerkey or nuts to keep from losing any lean muscle and to keep the nutrients plentiful."

This is common body-building knowledge, and it's true, to an extent. What's important is not the constant replenishment of nutrients per se, but the constant replenishment of protein. You basically don't want to go for more than ~3 hours without ingesting more protein, because your body will go into a nitrogen-depleted state mumble mumble I forget the specifics here mumble. ;-) [removed] You can actually get away with three complete meals a day, stuff a bit of extra protein in-between.

So, just make sure your every 3 hours snack is something that contains complete protein. Cottage cheese... yum! Soy... bad! (unless you're a girl).

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