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Re: Cardio and Weights together?

A few things to add which compliment what Naxis stated:

you burn calories 3 ways

Metabolism (70%)
TEE (Thermal Effect of Eating) - 15%
TEA (thermal effect of Activity / Exercise) - 15%

1. the more often you eat, the more you burn hence, eat frequently. This does of course mean to eat the correct foods as Naxis and others descirbed (more protien, foods with lower GI, etc). Smaller more frequent meals. Don't eat too little or your BMR will slow down and you don't want this to happen.

2. the more you workout and move, the more you burn hence exercise

3. the more lean muscle mass you have, the more your burn hence, lift weights

Your metabolism also stays elevated roughly about 24-36 hours after exercise so workout cardio at least every other day to keep that elevated. The key is not simply only about instance caloric burn (treadmill for x minutes), it's about increasing your overall Resting Metabolic rate whic makes the biggest difference overall. Good luck.

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