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Re: Cardio and Weights together?

Originally Posted by Dave440
Your metabolism also stays elevated roughly about 24-36 hours after exercise so workout cardio at least every other day to keep that elevated. The key is not simply only about instance caloric burn (treadmill for x minutes), it's about increasing your overall Resting Metabolic rate whic makes the biggest difference overall. Good luck.
Ding Ding! Excellent point Dave! Increasing your metabolism is the MOST effective way to get lean, and stay lean. Increasing your metabolism comes down to nutrition stratagies (which you have received top notch advice on already) and exercise intensity. If you train like an endurance athlete you will look like one. Exercise (anarobic and aerobic) increases your metabolism, but how effectivly it increases it, depends directly on how intense you train. Stop doing cardio 7 days a week. All you need is 5 at the most. Center your training around weight lifting and building strength. Keep your cardio sessions at least 8hrs apart from you lifting sessions and do cardio session that are short and intense (such as HIIT).