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Re: Hubby has question about pain treatment post surgery....

Just to chime in here about epidurals - I had a c section for my 11 year old's birth -- the child's head seemed to be about the size of a basketball - and was given fentanyl, which I cannot tolerate.

So I had some ugly hours in recovery. Its like an old episode of Dragnet, you know, the one where the college students get the bad batch of LSD and hallucinate and see snakes, etc.

The drs realized for the rest of my recovery they should play it safe and so just left my epidural in for post-c-section pain management. I did very well with it, and I am a big weenie. I didn't even realize when they were installing the thing, and that was true for the birth of my 2nd child, too.

I like the idea of the epidural because you can be concious enough to do things like walk a bit in the hallway of the hospital but also not feel pain.

Annie, your story intrigues me - was the breast cancer related to the rectal cancer, or just a whole different thing ? Was the hysterectomy also related, or again, just a different thing ? Indeed, you are a survivor.

You also seem to have a pretty good grip on the pain management thing - as I will have my surgery at the beginning of November, I will be paying close attention to this.