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Re: Hubby has question about pain treatment post surgery....

Wow, Thanks everyone !!!!
All of this is helping him understand his options and what to expect. He doesn't have alot of pain tolerance so this issue worries him. He is not crazy about the epidural at all if he is awake for it. He wants it all done, including the catheter, while he is asleep. He had a cath for his kidney stone years ago and you could hear him yell throughout the floor. The nurse was a big guy too, muscle builder. Husband said he looked like he benched Buicks.LOL .He swore to never have it done like that again. I guess I can understand. It is an uncomfortable experience to say the least even for a female to go thru. Do you think they will give him any choice in any of it?
I had two c-sections and a third surgery for a large dermoid cyst on my right ovary and I had the self administered pain management for all of them afterwards and it helped me alot. I don't know how much he'll handle. I have been relaying everything that everyone has told me and he has more understanding now than he did and was happy about learning more. He keeps talking about the kidney mass and has really got himself convinced it is cancer as well. His family is prone to these masses come to find out. His sister has one too.Hers is benign. I told him about the walking too. I suggested maybe walking with our youngest around the block maybe would be nice for both of them.
CD, his cancer is on his right side of his colon. Doc said no ostomy because of where the resection is being done. It's not big, a little more than the size of making the circle part of the "OK" sign with your hand. I do have a question about the type of cancer though. He has the adenocarcinoma, you said it is what most get. What is the difference between that and lymphoma? He retested the biopsy three times to make sure of what it was. It looks like lymphoma. I looked up pics of them both. If anything it looks like my husbands mass is in the beginning stage of the disease. It isn't very far out from the wall at all. No "grape-like" lumps at all like the pics I saw either.
He has been having more trouble with being tired and his bowels habits too and is worried that the cancer is spreading quickly. The one nurse I talked to said that these things can happen partly because he is so worried and stressed over this. It will mess with him in a big way. He isn't sleeping too well either most of the time.Some days just a half hour at a time. I have him on vitamins and reduced his caffiene intake at home too.
Annie you really are an amazing survival story . I was wondering the same as Jeni about what has been your story . You must be an extraordinarly strong person.
I am so thankful for all of you. I don't know what I'd do without these boards for both hubby as well as my own health issues. I was mostly on the Pain management and nueropathy and RSD parts of the boards. What wonderful people thru all of them. A real Godsend.
I had better go get things done around here. Hope everyone has a great day.By all means keep the responses coming.

Love and hugs, Sherri