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Re: So much leg pain....

I too had leg and back pain. The pain in my leg felt like a gnawing, deep ache. I went for a year like that. I tried everything. Heat, Ice, massage, Chiropractor, vicodin, soma, stretching, and went to P.T. per Dr instruction. I finallly demanded an MRI, and I have arthritis, slightly bulging disc's L3, L4, & L5, and a bone spur on L5. Neuro did a nerve test on legs, and I had moderate nerve damage in my left leg. I had to have several Epidural Steroid injections in my lower back. Last one was in June. I have ben postponing the next one because I know that steroid injections are NOT good for backs. It eats away at the tissue, and bone. So far I can deal with the pain.....

Hope that you feel better soon.