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Re: Hubby has question about pain treatment post surgery....

Originally Posted by Too Sweet 74
CD, his cancer is on his right side of his colon. Doc said no ostomy because of where the resection is being done. It's not big, a little more than the size of making the circle part of the "OK" sign with your hand. I do have a question about the type of cancer though. He has the adenocarcinoma, you said it is what most get. What is the difference between that and lymphoma? He retested the biopsy three times to make sure of what it was. It looks like lymphoma. I looked up pics of them both. If anything it looks like my husbands mass is in the beginning stage of the disease. It isn't very far out from the wall at all. No "grape-like" lumps at all like the pics I saw either.
I'm SORRY I missed this one! To clarify then, your husband DOES have ADENOCARCINOMA...RIGHT??? I ask this because Extranodal Lymphoma or Malignant Lymphoma presenting in the colon is MUCH different and pretty rare. This condition is usually present in immunodeficient patients such as AIDS patients in advanced disease. Epstein-Barr virus and a human herpesvirus-8 DNA sequence have been implicated as well. Again though, it's really pretty rare without other disease present. And the two histologies are treated very differently with a dx of Lymphoma leaving surgery for bleeding or perforation or obstruction.

None of what you have described sounds like Lymphoma, but it ALL has to do with histology. If you are confident with the GI who biopsied the lesion/tumor, and they tested the specimen FOUR times/ three of which were positive for Adenocarcinoma... if I hear you right... then I would trust their assessment.

Tell your husband that it's PERFECTLY NORMAL for him to be fatigued. The stress of it alone is enough to drive you over the breaking point! Yes, the mass on his kidney COULD a met. OR it could be perfectly benign. Is he still losing a lot of blood rectally? If so, then then his blood levels are probably off--he could be anemic-- which would make him tired on top of the WHOLE process.

Hang in there and keep me posted.
I wish you guys the best.

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