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Re: Hubby has question about pain treatment post surgery....

Hi CD ,
You understood correctly. He has adenocarcinoma in his right side of his colon. They made absolutly sure of it. We know more on monday. He has more bloodwork and his CT and MRI of the kidney. The doc who did his scope is pretty well respected and so is the surgeon. His bleeding has lessened lately. His blood tests came back that he is not anemic as of a few weeks back. Liver function and all of that was normal too. His sister has a similar mass on her kidney . Hers is from a hormone problem she has she told me. She is lacking growth hormone.Has to give herself shots.She told me that their uncle informed her that the family gets these "weird masses" for no reason that can be anywhere. No urinaliysis was done on him though that I am aware of. He went to his bloodtest by himself. I'll ask him when he gets up in a while.Would a urine test tell anything at all about the mass? Monday they are doing all the preop stuff. EKG ,MRI and CT as well as bloodwork.We'll know by the end of the week what the mass is the surgeon said. Hoping it won't take that long.My husband is obviously very worried and the sooner he knows something the better it will be. His surgeon said that mets to the liver is rare for most people, the liver is what shows them first alot he said.Hope he's right. If he has it on his adrenal I wonder what else it has spread to ? Less than two weeks to go now.
My husband decided that today would be his last day at work. He is just getting too wore out and hurting more when he goes. His friend said if he shows up tomorrow night he'll end up in the hospital "cause he's going to kick his backside" (cleaned up version LOL) . His friend just told him there is no reason to put himself thru staying at work with what he is going thru with the cancer. I know my husband will lose his mind from boredom very soon though. His sick pay is kicking in first day he misses. Only 50% of it his regular pay though. It will be a really tough time around here for sure. He can get unemployment along with it once he can be considered "light duty" .I am off work cause of all my comp BS and I don't know what to do. I was going to write my comp judge to get my pay reinstated but I don't know if that will hurt my case or not. I need to make some money somehow though. All the money worries are certainly adding to how hubby is feeling as well it adding to what I am dealing with. Like I said this is going to be a rough time for alot of reasons. I appreciate all the help with all of this. I know I, we would have been in a bad way if I hadn't found you all.
I've been trying to get things done around here, partly because I need to occupy myself. There is stress added to all of this by my mother too. She has become just mean this past month. Too much to go into right now. She seems to resent me having my pain problems and not doing all her driving and everything else she wants done. Now hubby is sick she is actually behaving worse. There is an explaination in another post of mine . I just don't know how she can just walk away from her daughter and grandsons when this stuff is going on. It's like if I can't do things for her then to hell with me kind of thing. So I decided to just not talk to her right now. We don't need the drama or stress or her negativity either. Amazing what really comes out in people during times like these. It sadden me that my boys' grandma is doing this to them. My husband's mom passed from cancer 11 years ago so she is all they have too. My husband said he's pretty happy I'm not like her. Me too . LOL
Well anyway I am telling my husband about all of the info from everyone . He's understanding more now. I told him about the cath you have to do yourself and he was very much freaked by the idea. Is there anything they can do to help you with that? Anything that will decrease the damage somehow?
I had better go. More to get done here. Take care of yourself. Thanks and a huge hug !!!! Sherri