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Re: No appointment until Oct.24??

Yes, i guess it depends upon the patients circumstances. With me I am almost 12 wks and my doc took me in right away when i was only about 4 1/2 5 weeks. I have already had three ultrasounds, which in my opinion they really arn't nessasary, if i am to lose the baby an ultrasound won't stop that ( even though I have to say it's still assuring and exciting to see the baby healthy) but he wanted to make sure how far along I was since I had a m/c very early june and never had a period after, I just got preg straight away so he wanted to see how far along I was. He has just been real cautious with me because I am a very fertile healthy, fit 22 year old and have had two m/c aldready. This is my third attempt, hopefully its a charm, but that is prob the only reason I keep going in for appt. If you haven't had a history of any lossed babies, then they usually take you in around the 12th week as that is the time when the chances of having a m/c lowers a lot. Good luck! just make sure you are eating very healthy, taking folic acid supplements and you can take over the counter pre-natal and drink or eat plenty of calcium!------Jess