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Re: Hubby has question about pain treatment post surgery....

Hello again CD ,
I was thinking about the PET scan but wasn't sure if we had one locally. I am to see my doc about my nerve damage (update visit for comp) this coming week and was going to ask her about it. Since my husband is taking the time off it is possible to go somewhere for it now. I would feel better if he had one done too. He's been told by people he chats with about the test. It would be nice to have a complete picture instead of finding out later there is more somewhere else after he has his surgery.Should I request a urine test too for monday? He does not have great pain tolerance like I said so this will be really tough for him. I've had the C-sections so I have an idea of what to expect ,a little bit anyway. I told him it depends on how his surgeon handles tissues too . I had two different surgeons for my two sons and what a world of difference in pain and recovery between them. How long does it take to get in to get a PET scan?
His work insurance should be ok for a while. They are really good about these things.He works for a major employer here in Erie. I know I can't say what he does but they make trains,medical testing equiptment and lots of tother things. I know he will try and go to work when he is feeling better. He is worried about his reaction to the chemo too. He doesn't want to be off for a really long time. It would be such a load off our minds if I could just get my full comp back. His friends at work are going to get money together for our boys for Christmas. I was touched at finding that out. I'll definetly keep the other things in mind you told me of since I have no idea how any of this is going to go. I wish I hadn't gotten hurt. If I was working things would be better money wise. This thing with me has been going on over 2 years now. Since you know so much, have you ever heard of anyone getting hurt by an EMG in their neck resulting in chronic headaches? Been 18 months for mine so far. Noone seems to know why either.It's ok if you don't. I see a nuero soon over it. Praying he can help with them.
I was surprised at how young you are. You read like someone older. No doubt do to what you have been thru and continue to go thru. I know the others will agree that you are a remarkable man CD. . I hope that you find a way to feel better. You deserve to . Everyone here too. Weird question, will you still need the cath if you get the implant? Forgive me, I don't know anything about them. I hope that the docs are taking your age into consideration and really doing what they can for you.
You couldn't be more right about finding out how people really are during times of crisis. I just got a nasty message on the answering machine from my mother. UNreal. I am going to just write her lay the whole thing out. She can either be there for the boys and me and keep her attitude in check or just not bother .I don't need the drama, my family doesn't either. If you want a run down of things , there is a post by me called"things are getting bad" . I'm doing the best I can, one day at a time. Trying to get my guys here thru this . With your help and the help of so many others I am doing better and hubby too. I tear up over it when I answer these alot of the time. Such wonderful, genuine, caring people. I am so thankful for all of you. As for the hug, consider yourself hugged anytime you need it and even when you don't . . Take care of yourself. Love and hugs, Sherri

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