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Re: Hubby has question about pain treatment post surgery....


I did not have chemo/radiation before surgery. I had all the preop tests done, and had surgery right away.

I was very very lucky. I had 42 nodes removed and all were cancer free. the tumor in my rectum was small and caught at a very early stage. I still needed to have an ileostomy for 12 weeks to allow for healing. I adjusted well to this and had the reversal. I still experience bathroom issues and have been told this will probably never get much better. I consider this a small price to pay.

I did not need chemo for the rectal cancer but did need it for the uterine/tubal cancer. I had all my 3 month foolw up tests done last week and on Tuesday (12th) I will find out if all is still clear. This will be my second 3 month check up.

Best to you