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Prognosis for Alcoholic Cirrhosis/Hepatitis

Hello everyone! Here is my story. 41 y.o. male, very heavy drinker for past 20 years. About six months ago I started itching all over while still drinking heavily. I then proceeded to start to feel extremely fatigued and nauseous all the time with pain under my left rib (probably enlarged spleen). I continued drinking for another week until I woke up one morning with swollen ankles. After looking some things up on the net, I came to to the conclusion that based on these symptoms I was doing serious damage to my liver due to drinking.

I quit drinking 100 days ago today and have been to over 100 AA meetings in that time period, have a sponser, and am currently on step 4 of the twelve steps and am determined NEVER to drink again.

Since I stopped drinking, all the above symptoms went away, but I noticed a week or so after I stopped drinking a very mild yellow hue to my eyes that nobody else has commented on and stools that vary from normal to very light in color. Additionally, my ankles now feel soar, as if mild arthritis, but no more swelling (edema) since I stopped drinking. I know I should see a doctor, but I have no health insurance. I have applied through a state program and expect to be covered in a few weeks and then will see a doctor.

My question - given my symptoms and given that I have stopped drinking and won't ever drink again (I now consider alcohol to be a poison to my body), does anybody have past similar experience on what my prognosis could be? I've read on the net I should be fine. I've also read it will progress to end stage in 3-5 years even without drinking. I know everybody is different and you can't really tell without bloodwork, ultrasound, etc., but I am curious as to what others may have experienced with these symptoms. My guess is I have alcoholic hepatitis or compensated class A cirrhosis or both and the cause (alcohol) has been eliminated. Again, only current symptoms are very mildly yellow eyes and occasional light stools (this no doubt is a high, but an excessibely high, bilirubin level) with soar ankles. These are the only symptoms - no ascites, enceph, varices, red palms, spyder verns, yellow skin, current edema or other cirrhosis symptoms. Thanks!

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