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Re: Hubby has question about pain treatment post surgery....

Hi everyone,
Talked to the surgeon's office today. The thing in my husband's adrenal looks like a complex cyst.She said that it is 3cm in size. The MRI was done today as well as his chest CT so we will know more soon I hope.He started the whole sick pay thing today.Just love paperwork. LOL I am a little relieved about it possibly just being a cyst.
My husband asked me to ask all of you if you have any suggestions about the "golightly" stuff he has to take. Anything that helps make it a little easier. He has been feeling a little better since he has been off work just a short time. At least the kidney part of it is better anyway. He is worried about how the chemo will affect him. How sick it will make him mostly. His friends at work have been wonderfully supportive of him and the family. One of the guys he was telling about this at work one of his last nights stopped and said a prayer for him right then. The union rep told me to call them if we need ANYTHING at all. Anything fixed or help with anything.

Annie, I hope you get great news today. Let us know how it goes ok?

I had better get going. More to get done. Take care everyone. Love and prayers, Sherri