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Re: Lactose-free milk vs. taking Lactaid with milk


Sorry I don't have an answer for you -- I hope that someone chimes in here with some knowledge of Lactose-free milk vs. taking Lactaid with milk. It may be that the manufacturers are making the more expensive milk because some people like convenience, and don't want to have to remember to take a pill everytime they pour milk on their cereal.

But I couldn't let Harry's comment pass.

Come on, Harry -- you're saying we shouldn't drink milk because it's intended for baby cows? Could you please tell me exactly what foods ARE intended for human consumption? The ONLY one that I can think of is human milk. Period. And the only way that human females can produce this milk is to eat OTHER FOODS -- and not just drink each other's milk.

Seeds and nuts are produced as "starters" for making new plants. Not for human food, yet we eat them. Roots are intended as food for growing plants, not as food for humans. Yet we eat them. Leaves are made to process sunlight and exchange gases so that plants can live. They are not intended as food for humans. Yet we eat them. Eggs are pre-birds. They are not created so that we can eat them. Yet we do. Meat is the muscle of animals. These muscles are not grown on the animal to provide food for humans. Yet we eat these muscles.

LOTS of parts of plants and animals have been a part of the human diet for thousands of years -- including milk!!!. People who have difficulties digesting specific plants or animals can choose not to eat them. The key here is CHOICE. Milk is a fine food for lots of people, and not so fine for others.

"There is no other mammals on earth that feeds on the milk of others mammals except us humans." -- There are no other mammals on earth (to my knowledge) that cook their food. Should we therefore stop cooking our food? Just because humans are the only ones who do something is not in itself reason enough to stop doing it. Also, there ARE documented cases of lactating animals feeding the young of other species. It doesn't happen often, but it's not unheard of.

There are lots of ways to get calcium in the diet, including sardines and certain plants, but to declare that milk is a poor source of calcium for EVERYBODY is silly.

My two cents.