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Re: Hi, I'm a newbie

Welcome Pink,

Blue is right, this condition is here to stay.... I have been DX'ed for about 8 yrs, but if I look back, symptoms were there for years before that. They just never hit all at the same time. I feel sorry for the new one's like you. It's scary, confusing, some feel helpless, hopeless, beaten down by the pain. Others say that they are going to conquer this condition. It sucks, we deal with it, but in our own way. You too will read, study, learn and try different things, and then you will find something that helps, or works for you. We all have been there done that, and we all have the things that help us. I hope that you will search for and find something that will help to make your path a little less bumpy. I also hope that you will continue to use this board as a tool in which to do it. There are some terrific people here that will offer help, suggestions, an ear, or just emotional help.

Try as Blue said, get back to excersice..... Even if it's only for 5 min. the first time, increase to 6 min in a week or two. It really does help with the pain, and the emotional side of things....

Take care,