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Talking Re: Sad, angry, confused.........

I THINK YOU JUST TOLD MY LIFE STORY(REALLY) Only mine has alcohol involved. But he does the same things you mention sober. Does your husband drink (I doubt it cause it is really worse then) I recently told mine I wanted to break up. I as you don't want to but I AM WORE OUT WITH THE FIGHTING FOR WHAT I WANT, and my kids. I really feel your pain. All I can say is maybe you could split up (not break up) still date etc. I did that a while back of course we got back together and nothing changed. But I myself should have stated what needed changed and steps to make those changes on both of our parts! It seems all mine cares about is his feelings and what he wants. My kids as yours are 16,14 & 7 and they can't stand him 80% of the time, but they do love him. He has accused me of turning the kids against him. My kids will say they hate him and I get on them and I tell them no matter what your dad loves you and you should not hate him, you only have 1 father. I know they have a right to say it though so I am understanding with them, but I let them know he just needs help (that he refuses also). IT is very hard and breaking up is hard to do, but living in this hell is harder I HOPE! I can let you know. I hope things get better. Oh mine would always say you starting your "period" and say I am crazy, psycho. He is the crazy one and I think they know it