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Does having Asperger's qualify you for an IEP?

Hi All!

I am very frustrated with our school. Our 7 year old son is PDD-NOS but without an IEP. They have denied him one even though he clearly needs speech therapy for social skills. They also denied him a 504 plan as well, even with a dr's note. His psychologist also recommended that he gets OT, which he was evaluated for, but his score wasn't quite low enough. He is top of his class (I think he is more Aspie). He has SO much anxiety before and after school, but at school everyone says he is the model student. He can't shut his mind off at night and he asks questions after questions after questions....HELP!!! Today I went out and bought a a video camera so I can record him and proove to them that he needs help. I don't know what else to do. Are kids with Asperger's not allowed to have an IEP? Yesterday he couldn't get a drink of water because he kept thinking that a bug was on the cup! (there was no bug) He couldn't feed himself cereal because the spoon was too slippery! I feel like no one understands me and I am this big bad person trying to get IEP's for all of my kids. Any advice is SO appreciated. Thanks!

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