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Re: Lactose-free milk vs. taking Lactaid with milk

Proverbs 3:5,
Your points are good and well made!!

Of course taking lactaid is as good as the lactose reduced milk-- to digest lactose-- as you know we function on glucose.

Also you may know the way milk is processed these days it really has a long shelf life without refrigeration. It is the most allergic food in this country. And, causes all sorts of well documented problems.

Cow's milk because of the ultapasturization process eliminates all the microorganisms that cause spoilage and that are needed for digestion. Dozens of enzymes destroyed and w/o it is difficult to absorbs what is would be present in raw whole milk.
The pancreas is not always able to produce these enzymes in many people-- and this overstressing can lead to all sorts of diseases.
I really think a gallon a week was too much--

AS cows milk is currently processed -- it is not a health building food but you already know that.

God Bless~~~Harry