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Re: Newborn sleeping problems

None of my babies liked the bassinet in the beginning. I think it's overwhelming for them after coming out of the womb. All mine first started in the carseat for all their sleeping. Don't feel bad, just do what works. Mine slept in theirs for the first 3 weeks or so...all the time.

With my son, who is now four months old, I had to alter the bassinet to make it seem like the carseat. First I elevated the head of the bassinet mattress. Then I put in a head support from the carseat, those triangle wedge things at the side, and at the bottom I had a receiving blanket that I rolled up like a snake and made a U shape that went under his feet and up the sides (my friend who used to work in a NICU told me that trick). I put a larger receiving blanket on top of this and pulled it tight and put it under the mattress. Then I would swaddle him and lay him in this little "cacoon". He loved it. Sounds like a lot (well, I guess it was), but it really worked.

When I was ready to transistion him to his crib, I moved the bassinet into his room and left it as is for a couple nights. Then I slowly over a few nights started to remove things, first the elevation thing, then the side wedges, the blanket at the bottom and then finally the head rest until he was sleeping in just the regular bassinet. Finally, I moved him into his crib. He sleeps all night and takes great naps.

I will say this too. I know the belly for sleeping is forbidden, but my son would only sleep that way to nap. If I put him on his back he would wake up in minutes. For some reason, at night he was fine on his back. Lucky for me because I was able to sleep knowing he was on his back. But during the day I would put him on his belly on a blanket in the living room so I could keep a close eye on him. He did "face plant" himself many times and we would have to turn his head over to the side. Eventually I moved him into his crib for napping and still put him on is belly during the day and on his back at night. He is rolling over now, so I don't worry about him check him as much during the day and he is still great sleeping on his back at night. The napping on the belly was what I had to was either small catnaps all day on his back or good 3 hours naps on his belly. Which would you choose?

I really wouldn't worry about a 2 week old not sleeping in the bassinet though. Do what works and whatever allows you to get the best rest for yourself.