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Re: should i just give up?

Hi just read yr msg.... patti is right! u all are still young & it still long way ahead. Talk to yr hubby & try to save yr marriage for the sick of yr kids. As a mother of two, Ive been thru alot & see kids changes when day to days they grow. It's our responsibilities for our kids, we bought them to this world, we've to think 1st before we make any decision to our marriage. Tell you truely, till now my relationship is still in a mess with my hubby & we're not in the talking term for more that 2yrs but we're still leaving in 1 root. it just because on my kids. Y???? KIDS are my main issue on their growing up, we dun talk but kids still can see both of us in the house. both kids still can enjoy with both of us.

Follow yr heart, it will never goes wrong.
sad woman