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Re: Son is sneaking food at night

I can relate to what you are saying...when my sister Marcia was about 7 or 8 she would take caontainers of ice cream and I geuss after eating some she would leave it behind the toilet for safekeeping ...I'm not sure but when I found it the next day and got rid of it she never said a word...Marcia has been known to eat until she gets sick...I too tried locks on the cabinets but my Dad would leave them open and I felt like the warden in a prison...after awhile I just kept soda and food out of site and only took out what we needed for the day...I don't think her brain had that off switch that says hey your full stop she gained weight she moved less and gained weight and moved was a vicious circle that never stopped...I never found the answer but you have to look at the situation and do what works for your family...good luck and take care