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Re: Prognosis for Alcoholic Cirrhosis/Hepatitis

My husband was diagnosed with Cirrhosis 3 years ago, after developing ascites. His only symptom before that was bruising of the skin. Yearly blood tests revealed no problem. He drank sporadically over a 30 year period - but I never saw him enebriated. We get conflicting information from Dr.'s. One told us that only 50% of patients survive more than 5 years after diagnosis. Another said he had observed patients living with this condition for 20+ years. His current gastro Dr. refers to his having "advanced liver disease", while another says that his sonogram shows only "moderate scarring." He has had one episode of hepatic encelop. He has been placed on a liver transplant list, but his "meld" scores do not place him anyway near serious consideration for transplantation. We have been told that the oldest patient Un. of Penna. has transplanted was 75.
We have been told that once the scarring has occurred, deterioration of the liver continues, even if the irritant is removed. Continued irritation greatly hastens the deterioration of the liver. I know that this is not the most encouraging news, but I pass it along for what is worth. I have concluded that the progress of this disease varies from person to person and that you can only take the best care of yourself that you can, with abstinence, proper diet (low fat and salt)and exercise to maintain muscle mass.

Good luck!