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Question Re: My bearings? what to do,,,

What if her bday is coming up and also we planned some events with friends (both of us planned it and we're both going). So doesn't this break-up cause problems with these and make mine and her friends really ****** off?????

Should I just wait it out and then break up after her bday? DAMN, the exams are a month after her bday, so what am I supposed to do? I am so confused!

I stayed over in her place these last few days and I don't really feel as though I want to continue. What I am saying is that I am determined to break-up but I don't know 'when' the best time is and 'how' to do it...

Please could someone give me some advice or suggestions... even if it means that you saying that I am an " indecisive, selfish and LOST guy who's just too childish to let go!".