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Re: My bearings? what to do,,,

There is never going to be right time to split, as from her point of view! First her birthday, then her exams, then there will be another reason, and another. That is life.

Like I said before, you are with her still because you feel obligated to stay, because of what she has been through for you, and you would feel guilty about ending it because of her birthday, exams etc etc.

The thing I would say to you here is, the right time to end a relationship, is when you realise there is no future, you do not see her in your future, you are not in love, she is not your Miss Right. Basically, all the things you have already said to us here.

Breaking up is not meant to be pleasant, suppose you were to wait until after her birthday, then after her exams - then what if she got really good results, and then you were to end things with her - then you would think she would feel deflated, and that her happiness of good results would be short lived! or what if she got bad results, you would think, no I can't end it with her now, she would feel even more depressed adding to her misery of getting bad results.

You see, as I said before, the only Right time, has got to be based on your personal feelings.

You are being to soft here, and as I said before you are not doing either or you any favours.

I am sure she would appreciate knowing sooner rather than later.

You are being dishonest in a funny sort of way.

By the way, dont wait until you have the reason (she is pregnant) for not ending things with her. Then that would be sad.

Be strong.

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