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Exclamation Re: My poor nephew!

A very prominent trial attorney in my city went fishing near his rural summer home and contracted meningitis. At first they thought he had a stroke since his head was hurting so bad, but delaying treatment was his demise. Young man, (young in my terms - 40 ish), active in the community and well-liked. Mosquitos are as deadly as the terrorists. I live on the river and have a spectacular view, but I am very circumspect about how long I remain outside and push the envelope because you gotta keep the numbers on your side.

Health food stores along with many other grocery stores, CVC, whatever, have wonderful topical smell good treatments that repel these buggers so take that pre-emptive strike because it is a war with the elements. I read up on these different strains of the virus and some come from rabbits, birds, and racoons. if you are in a remote rural area away from general occupied areas where the health department mosquito spraying is done, you better BEWARE!!! Sermon done.
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