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Re: What causes rotator cuff pain?

I had x-rays of rotator cuffs and they only call it inflammation.

A little about my history, took Actonel for osteopenia little over a year ago and 3 days after the 6th pill my body crashed literally. I had so much pain in my body of various levels, ill thru and thru for 6 months before beginning to see the light at end of the tunnel, many side effects including Plantar Fasciitis in both feet and sitting bone area. I know for a fact I did not walk too much on the sitting bone to cause fasciitis, it had to be the Actonel. Doctors reluctantly agree with me that Actonel was the cause of Plantar Fasciitis. Taking actonel definitely took me from being physically active to moving like a painful old woman.

I not only have inflammation in both rotator cuffs, also have it in feet, ankles, knees, groins, thighs, hips, lower back, upper back, arms, hands, fingers/thumbs. Actonel stays in the body 10-20 years and I sure hope it does not continue to cause problems. I will most likely go to my grave believing Actonel is at the root of my inflammation problems.

Doctors are afraid of being sued. Patients would have a hard time proving Actonel caused the inflammation without doctors agreeing Actonel was the cause. A catch 22.

In the past doctors tossed out "arthritis" as the diagnosis/cause of inflammation, it was the catch-all for what they did not know. This is what makes me wonder about my particular case, doctors do not give a name to the cause of inflammation. They could have tossed out arthritis as the cause and been done with it. When I questioned the hand specialist about the cause of inflammation in fingers/thumbs, he said it was not arthritis, stated it was stenosing tendonsyvitis (tendonitis) or Trigger Thumb/Finger.

I have read on the internet several medications can cause tendonitis, I just can't find the list naming the meds.

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