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Re: Prognosis for Alcoholic Cirrhosis/Hepatitis

Thanks for the responses. Sorry to hear about your husband, WAC. No ascites for me and my understanding is that ascites is a development of quite advanced liver disease.

On the positive side for me, the slight yellow tinge in the eyes and the soar ankles have all but disappeared. The only possibly liver related sympom I have now is moderately light colored brown/tan stools. Otherwise I feel and look fine. I have been on a low sodium, heart healthy diet since I quit drinking and my B.P. went from 145/95 to 123/80 over the past three months since I started the healthy diet (borrowed a B.P. cuff my Dad had for some ailment a ways back).

Hopefully with my continued sobriety I will be fine. I have read of a genetic factor related to alcohol, cirrhosis and how it develops. Being adopted, that really is of no use to me. In a way, now that I feel fine and am not drinking, I almost don't want to see the doctor. If he tells me my liver is fine, it could be an excuse to drink down the road. If he tells me I will probably go end stage in X years, that would ruin the healthy ones I have until that point in my mind. Since I have no major symptoms, it would appear I'm already doing what a doctor would tell me to do anyway - not drink and eat right.