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Adhd with sensory issues in child

My 8 year old has been diagnosed with adhd: combined subtype.

1. What does combined subtype mean?

2. Does anyone have a child with adhd that also has many sensory issues?
i.e. my child only likes to wear certain clothes, doesn't like sunshine, doesn't like to use a pencil or crayon to write or draw, likes his shoes tied tight, only eats certain foods due to texture, hides under his bed when he is upset, likes heavy stuff on him and likes to swing, rolls around on my exercise ball all the time, all in addition to adhd. The school thinks he sounds like it is autism, but his doctor is slow to diagnose this. He has never been delayed in speech, but very good at verbal communication and sports. He is good at giving me the answers back when I verbally give him a school lesson. If he is in a room with too many children, he looses his composure. He has no personal space. He chews everything and sometimes needs complete quiet. He has ticks.
He wants to know our schedule ahead of time. He has many anxiety attacks if he doesn't know what is going on, if he is asked to write anything and if I ask him to "hurry up".

What do you think? His ritalin only seems to help with the hyperness and focus, not the sensory stuff.

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