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Re: Adhd with sensory issues in child

My 7 year-old son has sensory issues and receives Occupational Therapy on a bi-weekly basis. While sensory issues are an issue with autistic children, not all children with these issues have autism. When my son was evaluated for his sensory problems (and ONLY an Occupational Therapist can make a diagnosis of Sensory Integration Dysfuction), they told me he was not autistic, and I agree. He is very social, has lots of friends at school, enjoys being hugged, etc. However, he is very particular about clothes, shoes, needs a structured schedule, has difficulty with self-regulation, and becomes overwhelmed pretty easily. He does a combination of therapies, including weighted vests, listening therapy, and brushing. It really has made a big difference for him.

My son's issues of fidgeting and poor focusing are not related to his sensory problems. I have gone the natural route of giving him Focus, which has helped somewhat. Because my son has no behavior problems at school and is a straight A student, I'm not so sure he actually has ADD as much as he just may be immature.

Please see a Occupational Therapist who has received the proper training for Sensory Integration. It can make all the difference!