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Re: Adhd with sensory issues in child


My son has ADHD with Sensory Integration Dysfunction as well. He also has FAS and RAD (Fetal Alcohol Effect and Reactive Attachment Disorder). He wil sit and rock as long as we will allow it, and that can become very aggressive, he licks everything, picky eater, loves to be spun in circles, overstimulated by the classroom, picky about his clothes, needs structure 100% of the time, very social, and screams a lot. I could go on.

We begin Occupational Therapy for him this coming Wednesday. I can't wait. They are going to do brushing techniques, and other therapies that worm mentioned as well for our son. We also have a heavy blanket, or you can also use a quilt to roll him up like a 'hotdog' when he gets overstimulated, to calm him down. That really helps our son. It is a game to him and helps him get himself back together without causing any harm to himself or others.

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