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Re: Adhd with sensory issues in child


I think you will see a big difference in your son as he begins OT. We have gone the OT route three times in the last five years. The first time we went three months, and while it helped, I felt the OT ended therapy too soon. The second time was group Occupational and Speech therapy, which was a waste of time. This time we are doing OT with a very well-qualified OT and she introduced the listening therapy. It has really helped. We have gone on a biweekly basis since April.

You mention your son has RAD and FAS. Please keep in mind that often times the attachment problems can be sensory related. I wondered about an attachment problem with my son before I started OT the first time. The OT explained that children with major sensory issues have attachment issues just because they are so highly sensitive. As my son's sensory issues subsided, the attachment blossomed. He has been 100% attached to us ever since. I wonder if your child was adopted? We adopted my son (and another child too) from Russia, so I really do understand the issues you face.