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Re: Adhd with sensory issues in child


Both of our sons are adopted from Russia too. It has been a whirlwind experience parenting our sons at times. We are so blessed with them in our lives.

That is good to hear about your experiences with OT. It is nice to hear things are going well, and that everything has worked out wonderfully. Mostly, that your son has bonded so much with you since going through the therapy. That sounds promising for us. We still have some of those issues from time to time with our sons. The RAD is questionable. They do odd things from out of the blue every so often. We never know when the 'things' might occur. Usually, when we think we have made it through the rough waters, the problems re-occur.

Has your son with ADHD adjusted to his new teacher this year? Mine did better than we expected. We were quite concerned. He doesn't handle change very well. It usually upsets his core. It took him 4 weeks to adjust to summer this year. We had to readjust his meds because he was so out of sorts with school ending, and then put him into daycare for a very strict routine. It was a nightmare. Next year- summer camps. They will be more productive for the boys because they got bored at daycare though it was structured; camp will keep them very busy.

I'm glad I checked out this sight. Usually no one posts about their children and parenting. It is good to talk to another parent about this.

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