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Re: Prognosis for Alcoholic Cirrhosis/Hepatitis

You should go see a docotor and be evaluated at the very least. Cirrhosis is a progressive disease. Some people can go there whole life without symptons until they are actually in liver failure. You liver damage was most likely to drinking and stopping that will help stop the progresssion depending on how much damage was actually done. There are other reasons to be concerned and to consider, portal hypertension is one. Some people don't die from liver failure but from complications caused by cirrhosis. Heart failure, portal hypertension, esophogal varices etc.
So, even though you want to rationalize, that your ok now because you stopped drinking, you may not be. If you go to a doctor and he's says you'll probably be fine if you don't ever drink again, then wipe your brow and be glad you caught it in time. But at the very least you owe yourself the truth.