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Re: Severe Gas Pains & Diarrhea From Salad, Is This Just Gas?

you sorta sound like i do i just had my gallbladder removed 2 weeks ago and now im kind of regretting it because my pain is alot worse now. ive been getting that pain in the stomache,chest and all through my back only its not going away and it gets alot worse when i eat anything i thought when you get your gallbladder removed you can go back to normal and eat anything you want i was sooo excited i guess i was really wrong. and all the doctors keep on doing right now is keep on telling me to take loratabs for the pain untill they can figure out whats wrong with me this is getting ridiculas already. but im scheduled for a sonogram to see why im having all this pain tomorrow morning. they just took all this blood work today and said my blood work came out funny. so i know what your going through right now.