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Re: Schools & Dyslexia??!!??

Hey Nuffs!
It's always great to hear the success stories. Your daughter is very fortunate to have you and I know it made things much better having teachers who really wanted to help. You mentioned your daughter and college in a previous post, and I am glad you did. My son is only 12 right now, but even with his frustrations throughout school, he still has intentions of going to college. I say go for it. I don't care if he chooses a major university or our local community college, at least he wants to give it a go. I know these kids have strength and courage to challenge themselves. Who knows, he may do quite well. If not, then he put himself out there and tried, right? I always tell him that the doesn't know his limitations until he tries.

And yes, finding something to focus on does help. For my son, it karate and model cars. He is so athletic and extremely mechanically gifted! He was working with complex Legos and Kinnects and things when he was in first & second grade- always doing the sets that were for older kids. He did them without having to really read the instructions.

Our meeting went quite well yesterday. Thank's for asking. His teachers really like him and tell me he contributes to class discussions, has not missed a single homework assignment and is holding his own. All of his teachers even came up with strategies of their own to help and I was very happy to hear that. Two of them in particular asked me to send the books I have, and my son's Science teacher took a course this past summer through Dr. Mel Levine's program and learned quite a bit about LD's. He seemed to be the most interested in what makes my son "tick". I'm not saying the others weren't, but he really seemed fascinated with my son. They all said that my son is very poilte, charming, intelligent and can carry a great conversation. This is not new to me because his teachers have always said that.

Anyway, I feel it was the best school meeting I've had in years. There were a couple of things I need to address with the counselor because she didn't follow procedure. She didn't have my meeting request form nor did she have the attendance sheet for all of us to sign and didn't have any of us sign the paperwork stating that we are keeping the Form 504 as is for now. Some people would say don't even worry about those things, but, it ALL has to be done in a certain format according to our state laws and I want it all documented just in case we have problems like we've had every other year.

It may be crazy on my part, but after the meeting yesterday, I am really hoping for a strong year this year.

Nuffs- in just a couple of days worth of posting, you have helped me tremendously and I can't thank you enough. Best wishes to you and your family. I know your daughter will be successful in whatever she chooses to do in life. She has a great support system.